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Terrytown's Library
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Than One Way to Publish What You've Written

I think it's important to be on as many website as possible, to really get your name and your writing into the hands of future readers anyway you can. That's what I'm trying to do, not just write, but figure out how I can gain readers. One of the things I've done is join as many writing communities as I can. I'm a little more active on Author Nation. I think you also have to read other people's work and let them know that you're reading them. These things are probably obvious.

I'm learning a lot in my hiatus from writing. I never thought I'd take a hiatus from my writing, but I'm beginning to think it's important to every now and then stop writing and look at your progress or your lack of progress. What else can you be doing? Are you reaching the milestones in your plan as a writer. This is what I need to do. Right now, besides writing more, my goal is to gain more readers. It's what my sister is always talking to me about. I'm not writing stories just for me anymore. I'm writing stories to communicate with other people. But if I'm the only one whose reading them, then who am I talking to.

Writing is all about taking risks but trying to be published is the hugest risk there is. One of my ideas is to come up with business cards that have my websites on them and to pass them out to who I think my target audience is, which I have yet to name.

I'm apart of Author Nation, Facebook and now the Writer's Digest Community. I've just joined Barnes and Nobles Pubit. I'm hoping that my short story will catch on there. I have yet to use Facebook as a forum for my writing, but I will soon. I just feel that I need more stories written and I mean well written to being using Facebook.

I plan on learning what my resources are and using all of them. You have to realize there are always more than one way to be published.

Today's writing prompt: trying to get to the park before it rains

My next entry will be a short story that I will start working on soon. It feels great to be writing again