Terrytown's Library

Terrytown's Library
Raised in Terrytown, Louisiana

Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's been a while since I've blogged. I created a blog that's just for fiction and poetry. There's a spot for comments. My niece had a great birthday, thanks to her parents and she seemed to love her presents. I'm working on a short story to post on my new blog, ksfiction-poetry.blogspot.com and I'm writing poetry that I can't wait to post as well. I have an idea for a short story or maybe for a collection of poetry or both called cashier. I've been rewriting a poem about being a cashier.

I'm working on improving my writing, how can I make it clear. A writer in my critique group said that I've been hiding my story, something I hadn't thought of before. If a reader can't get through the muddled writing, then they can't get to the story, which is the whole point of writing fiction and poetry and any other writing that we do. For the first time I'm taking critics seriously and I'm using the comments to improve my writing. I can't wait until I can write a great story that is readable.