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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreams Into Fiction

Dreams are an excellent place to get story ideas from. I had one last night that I don't know where it came from, but I hope to use it in a future story.


Two white children were let in a house by an older white couple. The
children were scared of being caught by the people who had them.
(It's never said exactly who the people are.) The couple hide the
children when someone comes to the house looking for them. The couple
is able to get them out without losing the children. Later they
attend school. (I wish I had more details.)

Second part of dream:
A white couple (not the same couple who let the children in) are
riding on the motorcycle. Man is driving without a shirt. He stops
the motorcycle by a tree and he and the woman he's with lay down where
they see kites flying, large kites, one is white with red hearts and
circles on it. ( I can't remember how, but the couple on the bike
were somehow in the first part of the dream. As bystanders I think.)

I think it's usable and no one comes up with the exact same story no matter how similar the source of the story is. It's up for grabs if you would like to use it and just maybe you'll see my version published somewhere.

Monday, May 2, 2011


The second day in May, which means evaluating what you've done to achieve your goals and what more you can do. It also means being honest with yourself about what you have and haven't done. I believe that I could have done more last month and maybe even the month before.

1) I'm not going to worry about what to write and how to write it. I'm just going to write a phrase and/or a character's name and see where it takes me.

2) I'm going to re-read each draft, take notes and figure out what can be fixed, what have I learned so far. I'm going to base each future draft on these notes.

3) I'm going to let the story go and begin another one in the same way.

The playground was dirtier than yesterday. Mollie stood on the hill that used to be look out tower when she was a child. Children couldn't play here anymore. Too much danger in the park, too much filth. Mollie had to decide to leave her home or try to clean up her neighborhood. She wanted her children to have her same, fun memories about this playground, look out tower. Mollie smiled wondering what would her children rename look out tower. Maybe the singing mountain since they loved to sing.
A harsh, male voice took her away from her thoughts of the park and of her children.

The possible beginning of a short story.

Writing exercise:
Write a phrase/sentence and see where it takes you

Write a character's name and imagine who she or he is.