Terrytown's Library

Terrytown's Library
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I completed the first draft for the response to my writing exercise. I wish I knew how to pasted it onto my blog rather than having to retype the whole eight pages onto my blog. I'm excited about reading and rewriting and revising it. I was thinking the other day that it seems I have a hard time writing stories that are based on my experiences. It's something that I'm working on.

I think I'm going to use my prompt, if so-and-so wrote fiction, what experience would they based stories on because it really worked for the story I call Christmas Penance. For now, the next writing prompt is to write a story based on a regret.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

If So-and-So Wrote Fiction

This is an exercise I thought of a few years ago. It's helpful to get you thinking about your experiences as well as the experiences of others, whether or not you know them.

If so-and-so wrote fiction, what experience would this person base their story on. Examples of so-and-so are:
  • A police officer might write a story about meeting his/her daughter's (first) boyfriend only to discover he/she arrested the guy at least once.
  • A high school student might write about the medal he was just short of winning
  • What would your family member write about
  • What would your 20 year old self write about or your 50 year old self
This exercise allows you to imagine different experiences and it allows you to go inside of your own experiences as well. Who have you always been curious about? My 19 year old self would write about having to suffer another semester of high school, which happened during River Phoenix's death.

My second idea for today is to honor a loved one, event, celebrity with your writing. This is something I've always wanted to write. I want to honor my ancestors, recent and distant past, with stories, especially those like my dad, grandpa, and one of my great aunt's who were writers. My dad even wrote Oprah a letter. I'd also love to honor music, in particular my two favorite genres of music, country and rock, with stories.

These are the two exercises I'll be working on for the rest of June. I hope to post my responses on my blog. I hope you join me. Have fun and happy writing.