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Terrytown's Library
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can you write a story using this photo as a prompt

This a painting in my aunt's house and both my sister and I love this painting. Join me on facebook. Hope to see you that where we can talk about writing and reading.

How To Be A Writer

I'm reading Barbara Baig's How To Be A Writer and it's truly helping me with my latest short story. She talks about practice writing, which is free-writing to find your subject and to find the material you'll work with for your piece. I think not jumping into a first draft is really helping the story. I feel like I know my story and my characters. There's always more to learn.
This book is for anyone trying to write whatever it is they are trying to write. I enjoy the fact that I can start writing. I don't have to worry if this sounds good, because I'm not trying to write a story. I'm simply looking for scenes and conflict.
I'm going to use this method to write my Master of Fine Arts essays because I truly need to complete those applications. My goal is that my applications will be sent out, completed by the end of the year. I'm telling everyone that I'm working on my Masters of Fine Arts essays and that I'd like to work in the academic world teaching fiction writing on a college level.
Pray for me please. Thank you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Becoming a Truely committed Writer

Everyday I'm learning what it means to be a writer. One meaning, the most important one is that I'm writing every chance that I get. The other half of being a writer is promoting myself as a writer as well as promoting my writing before I'm even ready to get anything published. Look for another blog that is more polished than this one. I loved creating and writing this blog, but it's time to take it to another level.
Yesterday my mom took me out for my birthday. We went to a steakhouse called Tokyo and experienced their hibachi grill. Those flames were so hot that I even felt them when the chef was another table. The food was so good, so delicious. I want to somehow set a story in this restaurant. I think another important thing about being a writer is to always be on the look out for fiction stories. Especially now with my sister disciplining her 18 month old child.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Decatur Book Festival

The Bookzilla is Back
The festival began with the writing conference which was held on the campus of Agnes Scott College, a woman's college in Decatur Georgia. There were several sessions to help writers with their fiction, nonfiction, playwriting and poetry. I chose a program called the Meat and Bones of Your Story, which was taught by crime novelist Gregg Hurwitz. The advice he used is good for all genres of fiction.

I learned that you can make up your own rules in your fiction. You just can't break your rules anywhere in the story. It's the consistency that makes your rules believable. I've heard this before, and will try to apply it my writing. You have to know everything about your character. It never made sense to me, but now I'm going to write my next story using this piece of advice that I've heard before. Every character has to have a point of view, a reason for being there, a motive.

I learned a lot about this conference. I'm so glad it began with something for writers. I look forward to talking with other writers and festival goers today and tomorrow and then Monday, since it's labor day, will be a full writing day. A marathon as suggested

by Judy Reeves A writer's Book of Days. It's a great book to cure you of writer's block. Reeves suggests having a writing marathon. Which is what I plan to have this Monday, putting Gregg Hurwitz's advice to good use.

Today's writing prompt is to create a character based on someone you've seen who has captured your attention. I am going to write about the guy I saw walking around with a small acostic looking guitar strapped to his back. He was very interesting. I could actually set a story in this Barnes and Noble on Moreland in Atlanta. Artists work on their craft as well as writers. Who can you base a character on?

Happy writing