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Terrytown's Library
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lydia Fitzpatrick

I think what kept me reading Lydia Fitzpatrick's short story In A Library In Saltillo is the wondering what was going on with the protagonist Sadie, and her cousin J.T and J.T's friend Javier. I kept reading to learn, first that Sadie was pregnant and second that she was to marry Javier to allow him to stay in America and the motives of the characters. She was imagining a married life with him and he seemed to for a little while. I loved this short story. Right away, I felt for Sadie and I wanted good things to happen for her.

The story is in the Glimmer Train literary magazine Winter 2012. It's part of a novel-in progress, though I wish it were part of a short story collection in progress.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Master of Fine Arts submissions

It's the beginning of December and I'm getting ready to submit my applications for a few Master of Fine Arts programs. I've been asking God everyday to allow the decision makers to see something special in my portfolio and essays that will allow them to take a chance on me and accept me.

I'm learning that to be a writer means taking chances and I feel that applying to MFA programs is one huge risk for me to take. My goal is to be a regularly published author, edit short stories for literary magazines and or anthologies and teach on the college level. I need to publish a novel or collection of short stories if I want to teach on the college level. I've got lots of work to do.

Can't believe it's December already.

today's writing prompt is to look at a picture of anything and write about. Challenge yourself. What short story would you write after looking at a picture found in a celebrity gossip magazine or a news magazine or even a cooking magazine? Find a picture online and write about it. I might use a picture of a cash register to inspire me.

Happy Writing!