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Terrytown's Library
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's been too long of a hiatus. It's July 2014 and I haven't posted anything since 2012 of July, that's going to change. I've been hooded and I will get my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing this August from the University of Tampa. Second class to graduate from this MFA program. Awesome. I'm trying to keep writing without deadlines. I'm working on a few first drafts. We'll see how those go. I'm realizing how important that social media is. I'm going to continue talking about writing and reading. And I will continue to give writing prompts. I love writing prompts. I think they are the best way to get away from writer's block. I need to start promoting my blog.

I recently finished reading a teen book called Criminal by Terra Elan McVoy. The books is fast paced, the main character Nikki will infuriate you so much that you'll want to smack her and ask her what her problem is, but it's a great read. The question is, what do you do when you're so in love with a boy, (you eat, sleep, and dream him) that you can't even see that he's a criminal who is turning you into a criminal. That's this novel.

As a short story writer and reader, I'm usually promoting short stories, but every once in a while, I will read a novel. And this was a great read. Though, I'm not sure how I feel about the author making jail sound and look like summer camp for young adults who were a party to someone's death. I expected there to be some gloom in this part of the story. Almost like entering a dark room and not knowing how to get out.

The characters in this book felt like characters I'd like to get to know, especially the supporting characters. Sometimes I think they were the main reasons why I kept reading the book. I enjoyed the interaction between the main character and her friends. I liked the contrast when she had to go back home. Her mom didn't want her there, except as someone to entertain her friends.

I am so excited to be blogging again. I will be back with another writing prompt and possibly another review. Back to writing.

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