Terrytown's Library

Terrytown's Library
Raised in Terrytown, Louisiana

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Today is time for reflection. I usually have or rather plan a day of writing on the first of every month. I didn't do that yesterday, but that's okay. I am going to use today as my writing day and as my day of refection.

I've been writing short stories nearly all of my life and now I'm striving to improve my writing and I'm on my way to submitting my short stories anywhere that I can.

As of today a lot has happened that I want to write fiction about, because writing short stories is a great way to deal with whatever is going on with you and with the rest of the world. How can we deal with what's been happening in the news in a short story? A character deals with the nine people who were murdered during Bible study in The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. You can write the story from any point of view you would like. Maybe even have someone compare it to black churches being destroyed in the past. I recently heard that black churches are being burned today. 

These are serious events that should be written about. I'd like to try. I still want to somehow write about Hurricane Katrina. 

I said earlier that today is the day of refection. What have I written so far and what do I want to write about? What would I like to try? 

I have a challenge that I thought of some time ago. Take a title or plot from a romance novel and turn it into a literary story. Or do it with any genre. How would you turn something non fiction; the piece and or the title into a short story? How about a song? How would you turn a song into a short story? 

Today is all about reflecting and writing. 

Happy writing everyone