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Last week's bulletin said we were getting another visiting priest. Before Father Jerry left, he spoke about people emailing him their desire to leave the church if he left. He reminded them that we worshiped God and not the priest or the pastor.

"Why would they take away our priest without giving us another priests," I whispered. Mom said they weren't thinking. It didn't make any sense. I read the brief bio of this Sunday's visiting priest, a Father Mitchel from a church in Downtown Atlanta.

The choir sang in the procession of the Eucharistic Ministers, the deacon, and this week's visiting priest.

I closed my eyes and Father Paul was nodding his head to the choir. It was 'This Little Light Of Mine,' and they sang like they were on stage. A few people stood and I could imagine lighters in their hands as they got happy, though Father Paul was always telling us that we should be moved by the readings and by God and nothing else.

I wiped a tear as Father Mitchel listened to Pearl read the second reading. (I was certain I missed the first reading.) The website told me that my former church had a different priest. I guessed he retired to look after his father. It was too easy to develop attachments.


Telling Me Secrets

Laying in darkness
telling myself secrets
The moon is
a silver lady and the night
her beautiful love
Some say betrayal
is a part of love's history
I look at the way
one holds the other
and wish it were
this way on earth
You hold me and I'll
never let you go
Kiss me like you're
telling me secrets